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Leading RV Transport Company


Team RV Express LLC is a family-owned and run business. Established in 2007, we have grown from a small startup where the two founders did the majority of the deliveries to the company we have become today!

Our success is and has been based on a true “Team” approach to running our business. We realize that our success is dependent on having a fleet of drivers who realize their importance as “Team Members” and are both happy and proud to represent us in the field! This team spirit is what has helped us develop the strong relationships we have with our customer base – the dealers.

In order to build and maintain our team of drivers, we offer top rates and know them by name! We work with the drivers and do whatever we can to accommodate their needs – we do not force them to dispatch and do what we can to meet their requests. We encourage their feedback and input that is developed in the field and use these experiences to make Team RV the best RV transport company to work with!

This has led us to have a strong “Team” as we hear time and again from our dealers that our “Team Members” are some of the most professional drivers in the industry. They are punctual, polite, and have helped us earn the reputation of being the RV delivery company of choice.


  • Top Pay Rates in the Industry
  • Pay Upon Delivery by Direct Deposit
  • 24/7 Pick Up
  • Year-round Work
  • No Forced Dispatch
  • Friendly Staff
  • Discover North America
  • Shower Provided in Driver Room
  • EFS Cards
  • Affordable Commercial Insurance

meet our team

Mike McGee

Mike McGee

Owner since 2007
Kelly McGee

Kelly McGee

Co-Owner/ CFO
Co-owner since 2013
Michael Kemp

Michael Kemp

Director Finance
Member since 2014
Kylie McGee

Kylee McGee

Operations Manager
Member since 2016
Brian Mellstead

Brian Mellstead

HR Director
Member since 2009

US Army Veteran 4 years 1976-1980

Robin Janatello

Robin Janatello

Inventory Manager
Member since 2010
Shawn McGee

Christina Gose

Safety & Compliance Manager
Member since 2016
Ian Lynn- Recruiting 11 years in the Marine Corps (2009-2020)

Ian Lynn

Recruiting Specialist
Member since 2020

Marine Corps Veteran 11 years 2009-2020

Meghan Gaylor

Megan Gaylor

Head Dispatcher
Member since 2019
Dawn Pant

Dawn Pant

Driver Pay
Member since 2019
Head Dispatch

Shawn McGee

Eastern Sale Rep
Member since 2018
Devon Mason

Devon Mason

Western Sales Rep
Member since 2015