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Learn all you need to know about hauling trailers for Team RV Express.

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Do I need to provide my own truck to drive?

Yes, you must have your own truck and it should be a diesel.

Where does Team RV Express ship RVs?

To most of the lower 48 states and all 10 Canadian provinces.

I’m an American, Do I have to have a passport and go to Canada?

No. We have plenty for the U.S.

Will I be forced dispatched?

No, we do not force dispatch. But drivers who are the most flexible will get the most loads.

How will I be paid?

Pay is based on a per mile rate and is processed when delivery is complete.

How often do I need to work?

You can run as much or as little as you like, but, again, drivers who accept the most loads are offered the most.

How do I get dispatched?

You will speak to or email with a dispatcher for each load.

Will I be loaded both ways?

No. Our approach is to have drivers come back and get another load rather than wait for back hauls.

Do I need to fill out a logbook?

You must keep logs. Most drivers use an app on their phones rather than paper logs.

How many hours can I drive in a day?

Drivers are allowed 11-hours of driving within a 14-hour work day.

Do I have to log both ways?

Yes.  You are considered a commercial vehicle.

Do I need to stop at weigh stations?

Yes.  You must follow all FMCSA regulations regarding Commercial Motor Vehicles.

Can I work for other companies and Team RV Express at the same time?

No. The lease agreement you sign with us expressly prohibits you from running elsewhere.

Can someone ride with me while working?

Riders are discouraged but allowed if over the age of 18 and approved by our company.

Where will I attend orientation and how long is it?

Orientations are at our corporate office in Middlebury, Indiana and lasts for about half a day.

What type of units do you deliver?

We deliver primarily fifth wheels and travel trailers but we also get a few motor homes, cargo and horse trailers.

Does Team RV Express bring on inexperienced drivers?

We require our drivers to have at least 2 years’ commercial trailer pulling experience.

Will I have to have a DOT physical and a drug screen?

Our drivers must abide by the DOT rules and regulations. All drivers must have a valid DOT physical and CDL drivers are subject to drug testing.

Are the driver’s employees or independent contractors?

All of Team RV Express drivers are independent contractors

Is a CDL required to pull RVs for Team RV Express?


How much money can I make or what is the average yearly earnings of a driver?

It depends on how much you run, can you do your own maintenance, where you buy fuel, food and other road expenses.

How much home time do I get?

As much as you want!  We are a non-forced dispatch, so you choose when to run and when to be home.

What is the average wait time for a load going out?

There is no wait time, because you will call for your next load prior to coming in. Your load will be ready when you arrive.


Driver & Truck Requirements

We are hiring drivers to transport RVs from our yards in Middlebury, Indiana and Oregon to destinations throughout the United States and Canada.

Owner-operators must have:

  • A ¾ or 1 ton diesel truck, no front window tint
  • Permanently mounted fire extinguisher
  • Spare fuses
  • 3 DOT safety triangles
  • First aid kit
  • At least a 16K fifth wheel hitch and a class IV trailer hitch with a solid steel shank receiver with 2″ and 2 5/16″ balls
  • Electric brake controller
  • Mudflaps that cover the entire width of the tire and are no more than four inches off the ground
  • A 12-volt class 24 deep cycle marine/RV battery with an RV battery box to operate the safety breakaway switch on trailers
  • Trucks plated for 26,000 lbs – 11,000 KG in Canada
  • A 4-way lug wrench and tire jack
  • Must be a minimum of 23 years old and not yet 70
  • At least two years of experience in pulling trailers
  • A valid driver’s license with ratings from your home state or province that allows you to pull loads up to 26,000 pounds for US drivers and 11,000 kg for Canadians
  • Current DOT physical or commercial medical
  • No more than 1 at-fault accident and no more than 2 moving violations in the last 3 years
  • Passport/Vaccination Card if crossing USA/CDA border

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